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Key Requirements
For Visiting Galápagos

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Entry Requirements for Ecuador & Galápagos

Covid-19 Requirements & Restrictions

Travellers are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination, or a recent negative test, for entry to Ecuador and Galápagos. However, masking and distancing mandates may still be reimposed from time to time. Masking is still required in some public institutions, including hospitals and health centres.

Requirements for Entry to Ecuador


Foreign visitors must possess a passport with at least 6 months of validity.

Health Declaration Form

Travellers in good health do not need to complete the Health Declaration Form before, or on arrival in Ecuador. However people who present symptoms such as high temperature, coughing, general malaise, loss of smell, loss of taste, skin rashes, etc, must complete the form either online, or in physical form, on arrival in Ecuador. The physical form should be deposited in a designated mailbox. The online form is available at: https://declaracionsalud-viajero.msp.gob.ec/ (opens in a new tab)

Requirements for Entry to Galápagos

Allow 2½ to 3 hours to check-in. Some procedures, especially the TCT card, can be very slow at times.
Transit Control Card (TCT)

Visitors to Galápagos must apply for a Transit Control Card (TCT) which costs $20 and requires you to enter details of your visit. The forms are available online, at: https://www.gobiernogalapagos.gob.ec/pre-registro-tct/ (opens in a new tab).

It’s all in Spanish, but if you set your browser to translate to English, it is reasonably self-explanatory. There is some assistance for English speaking applicants at: https://www.gobiernogalapagos.gob.ec/step-by-step-tct-online/ (opens in a new tab)


When completing the registration, note that the Galeodan Suites are registered with the Ministry of Tourism under the name of “Jardin de Helena”.

You still have to pick up your card at the airport, so many travellers do the entire application at the airport.

Keep the card as you will be asked to produce it on your return trip.

Bio-Security Inspection - ABG

After picking up your TCT Card, and prior to checking in your bags, you will need to pass them through screening by ABG “Biosecurity” who will check them for live animals, certain fruits and vegetables, seeds etc. Official page of ABG: https://bioseguridadgalapagos.gob.ec/lista-de-productos/ (opens in new tab)

A helpful English translation is provided by the Metropolitan Touring Company at: https://www.metropolitan-touring.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Prohibited-Items-Galapagos.pdf (opens in new tab)

There are also restrictions on moving organic material between islands, so you will go through a similar process when travelling between the islands.

Galápagos National Park Entry Fee
To July 31, 2024
Category of Traveller Below 12yrs 12yrs and Above
Foreign tourists not residing in Ecuador. $50 $100
Nationals of one of the countries belonging to the Andean Community of Nations (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru) or MERCOSUR (Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay), who are not living in Ecuador. $25 $50
National or foreign tourists residing in Ecuador. $3 $6
Tourists, foreign students not residing in Ecuador who are enrolled in national educational institutions $25
From August 1, 2024
Category of Traveler Foreign *CAN/
Ecuador Residents
Children (12 years or younger) $100 $50 $15
Adults (13 to 64 years old) $200 $100 $30
Seniors (65 years or older) $200 $100 $15
Persons with disabilities (CONADIS) $200 $100 $15
Non-resident foreign students enrolled in Ecuadorian institutions $50 $50 $30
* CAN and MERCOSUR countries: Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay.

Upon arrival in Galápagos, tourists must pay a fee to enter the Galápagos National Park – In cash only. Children, residents of Ecuador, and citizens of certain South American nations, pay a reduced fee. Residents of Galápagos, and visitors under the age of two are exempt.

Increase in Entry Fee

On February 24, 2024, The Galapagos Governing Council (CGREG) announced a significant increase in the entry fees: Adult foreign tourists will pay $200 each, and nationals: $30. The increase is scheduled to come into effect on August 1, 2024.

The current fees, and how they are used, are described in the Galápagos National Park's website at: https://galapagos.gob.ec/tributo-de-ingreso/# (opens in a new tab - Spanish)


We strongly advise all foreign tourists to obtain travel and health insurance.

Article 49 of the Special Law of Galápagos (LOREG) requires that all foreign tourists visiting Galápagos carry private health insurance which covers the considerable cost of air-evacuation to the continent in the event of serious injury or illness. You should not assume that your existing public or group insurance is adequate.

Notwithstanding the legal requirement, travellers are hardly ever asked to produce documentation at the airport - The Ministry of Tourism and major tour operators consider it bad for business. This has led to the widespread belief that insurance is not required. However, if you do suffer an emergency with significant medical costs, such as an air-ambulance at ($15k to $20k), the hospital will be asking for your insurance.

There are several providers selling travel and health insurance which covers the impact of Covid-19. You will find a few of them <here>

Rules of the Galápagos National Park...


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