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Galeodan (Galeodanturis Cia. Ltda.) is a licensed national / international (“dual”) agency, based in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Isla San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Ecuador. We have been operating since 2008, from our base in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal. Our office - and home - is in Jardín de Helena, on the outskirts of town, between the main piers and the beaches of Playa Mann and Carola.

Galeodan is wholly owned and operated by the Keegan - Ricaurte Family: Maria Elena and Sean, together with their sons: Daniel & Leonardo.

With the increasing prevalence of self-directed travel, we now focus primarily on our activities in and around San Cristobal where we built, and now manage the Galeodan Suites and our Vivencial Fishing boat: Leodan.


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Maria Elena

Maria Elena Ricaurte de Keegan is the principal of Galeodan, and holder of the permits for Vivencial Fishing. Maria Elena’s mother is from Santa Cruz and her father from San Cristóbal, where he is still an active fisherman. Maria Elena’s maternal grandmother (Marina Fuentes) was the first woman fisherman in Galápagos. Both sides of the family have deep roots in the Galápagos.

In 1935, Maria Elena’s maternal grandfather, Luis Aguirre Lopez, an officer in the Ecuadorian Army, was exiled to Galápagos (in those days, it was a favoured destination for individuals that “bothered” the political establishment). His family was one of the first five to settle in the Galápagos. Luis worked for several years at the American air base situated on the island of Baltra (site of the airport that now serves Santa Cruz).

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Carlos Ricaurte Granda (Maria Elena’s father) was born in Babahoyo (near Guayaquil). After his father died, his mother met and married a fisherman from San Cristóbal. Carlos was 18 months old when they moved to San Cristóbal.

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Carlos Ricaurte founded the first fishing cooperative in Galápagos.

While “Sport Fishing” was, and continues to be, illegal in the Galápagos, Carlos Ricaurte conceived and actively promoted a more ecological and socially appropriate mode of tourist fishing: “Pesca Artesanal Vivencial” (PAV) - approximately translated as “Artesanal Vivencial Fishing”. While his new PAV cooperative received ministerial approval in 1997, it took almost a decade to achieve concurrence with the other fishing cooperatives, the Charles Darwin Foundation, the Galápagos National Park, the Ministry of the Environment, the Port Authority and other stakeholders.

Maria Elena’s own childhood was spent schooling in Quito while returning to the Galápagos for holidays. After attending university in Quito, Maria Elena worked as a tourist guide before emigrating to Canada where she continued her technical studies, at the same time serving in the Canadian Forces Reserves.

In 1996, Maria Elena secured a two-year contract to work in the computer department of one of the premier banks in Bermuda. On returning to Canada, Maria Elena established her own technology company and took further diplomas in Business Administration, Travel & Tourism.

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Sean Keegan, general factotum and chief bottle-washer, is the progeny of Irish, English and French grandparents. Sean’s parents met and married in Nairobi Kenya and the family lived in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya (again) and Italy, before returning to Ireland.

At various times, Sean has been quite fluent in Swahili, Italian and French. By the time he got to Galápagos there were only a few grey-cells to absorb Spanish - But that’s coming along too.

With a master’s degree in Engineering Science and Economics from Oxford University, Sean spent some 20 years working in civil design and construction management and a further 15 as a consultant and expert witness specializing in construction delay and cost impact.

Sean emigrated to Canada in 1982 where he later met Maria Elena and first learned that the Galápagos Islands had not only exotic animals and scenery, but also people. Sean and Maria Elena were married in Bermuda and their two sons, who were born in Canada, now enjoy Canadian, Irish and Ecuadorian citizenship.

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Sean has always been mad keen on fishing. In Africa it was mostly, Bass, Tilapia and Perch. In Ireland: Brown Trout and Pike (back in the 70’s they had great fishing on the Shannon). His first taste of big-game fishing came during summer breaks in Mombasa and Malindi.


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The Keegan - Ricaurte Family has been returning to Galápagos every summer since 1996. In 2008, although Sean’s consulting business was thriving, Sean and Maria Elena decided that they would rather live and raise their young family in the Galápagos. The Keegans moved permanently to San Cristóbal in January of 2009.

Maria Elena handles administration for Galeodan, Leodan and the Galeodan Suites, all of which involves an incredible amount of paperwork for the Galápagos National Park, the Municipality, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Tourism, the Port Authority and numerous other administrative and licensing bodies. 

Sean concentrates on promotion, reservations, contact management and guest relations, as well as construction and maintenance.

Daniel and Leonardo attend local schools. While it’s true that they do not have ready access the regular comforts and distractions which we take for granted in modern society, they do have the benefit of growing up in a natural wonderland with amazing animals and beautiful beaches for swimming and surfing, just minutes from home.

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