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Where You Can Go In Galapagos

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The Galápagos National Park occupies some 97% of the total land area of the islands.

Visitors can move freely in the Urban Areas and through access corridors (roads) in the Agricultural and Reduced Impact zones to access public use sites such as El Junco (San Cristóbal), Tortuga Bay (Santa Cruz), and Concha y Perla (Isabela). However, organized groups of 8 or more must still be accompanied by a Naturalist Guide.

In the Protected Areas, access is restricted to 60 + designated “Visit-Sites” in the company of a licensed Naturalist Guide - See Sightseeing.


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Visiting the Protected Areas

A few sites, on the fringes of the Park, can be reached by road. But there are no roads through the Protected Areas and most Visit Sites can only be reached by sea on a specially licensed boat:

  • Vivencial Fishing Boat (up to 12 guests)
  • Daily Tour Boat (up to 16 guests)
  • Cruise Boat (up to 110 guests)

For more information, visit our Sightseeing page.


For the sake of the Islands and the continued health of its many unique inhabitants, it is essential for visitors to use common sense and consideration at all times and particularly when visiting the Protected Areas of the Galápagos Islands.. To this end, the Galápagos National Park has issued a set of “Rules for Visitors of the Galápagos Protected Areas”.


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