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Moving Around Galápagos

Covid-19: This information was last updated during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing closures. At this time, we do not know what services will still be available, when they will become available and what they will cost.

In the following, please be aware that schedules and costs can change at any time - Be sure to double-check when making your plans.

Inland Transport



Taxis are used for most inland trips. Almost all the taxis are white king-cab trucks which carry 3 or 4 passengers and their luggage.

Buses are mostly used for organized sightseeing trips but there are some regularly served routes such Puerto Baquerizo Moreno to Puerto Chino (beach), in San Cristóbal and Puerto Ayora to Baltra Airport in Santa Cruz.

Importation of regular cars, motor scooters and motor bikes is tightly regulated to minimize environmental impact. They are not available to rent.

You can rent a bicycle or electric scooter.

Island Hopper Flights

Galapagos - Island Hopper


You can take island-hopper flights between San Cristóbal, Baltra and Isabela. The San Cristóbal and Isabela airports are close to town while the airport for Santa Cruz (Baltra) is an hour out of town by bus, taxi and ferry.

At this time, there are two operators:

EMETEBE: www.emetebe.com.ec (do not omit the .ec)

Fly Galápagos: www.flygalapagos.net

Both use small twin-prop aircraft for 6 to 8 passengers. 2019 ticket prices for foreigners vary between $145 and $190 depending on route and season.


Flights are scheduled to get passengers to and from San Cristóbal and Baltra in time for arrivals and departures to the continent.

The baggage allowances are 20-25lbs with $1 to $2/lb for excess. If you have exceptionally heavy bags, they may have to follow on a later flight.  There may be an extra charge for large items such as surf boards.

Speed-Boat Ferries

galapagos - ferry routes


Speed boats with 20 to 25 passengers provide daily transfers between San Cristóbal, Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) Isabela and Floreana.

The boats are 30 to 40 ft with enclosed cabins and 3 or 4 outboard motors which propel them at 30 knots (35mph) - Or more - Depending on conditions. It can get choppy but is seldom rough. Even so, it can be a bumpy ride!

San Cristóbal (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno) to Santa Cruz (Puerto Ayora) is 80km (50mi) \ 1.5-2hrs

Santa Cruz to Isabela (Puerto Villamil) is 85km (53mi) \ 1.5-2hrs

Santa Cruz to Floreana (Puerto Velasco Ibarra) is 65km (41mi) \ 1.1-1.6hrs


The crossing between San Cristóbal and Isabela requires 2 trips: San Cristóbal >< Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz  >< Isabela. At this time, there is no regular direct service between San Cristóbal and Floreana.

The boats leave at:

  • 7:00AM and 3:00PM from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (San Cristóbal)
  • 7:00AM and 2:00PM or 3:00PM from Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz)*
  • 6:00AM and 2:00PM from Puerto Villamil (Isabela)*
  • * Times subject to change during the Emergency - Check closer to departure.

There are several operators, each providing one or more boats. The number of boats crossing on any day depends on demand and is generally determined only a day or two in advance. It’s not often they run out of space altogether, but we recommend advance booking just to be sure.

Each crossing costs $30, purchased at the piers and local agencies. There are online agencies that sell the tickets with a small handling fee and we are happy to make reservations for our guests.



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