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Basic Fishing Packages

Almost all of our vacation packages are custom-made and include a variety of activities beyond just fishing. But even for a “standard” fishing package, there can be a considerable range of cost for the same basic ingredients of transport, accommodation and fishing.

The overall price will depend on:

  • Days of Fishing
  • Number of Anglers
  • Level of Accommodation
  • Number of Guests / Room
  • Season
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Days of Fishing - We have guests come for one day, two days or anything up to a full week of fishing. If you want to fish for a month we’d be only too happy, only you would need to book well ahead.

Number of Anglers - Teaming up with buddies to make a party of 4 can save you up to 60% on the cost of your trip. Except for families, we normally do not accommodate more than 4 anglers on one boat to go offshore so larger parties will be split between additional boats.

Accommodation - Most of our packages are based on luxury accommodation (Oro Verde and Casa Iguana Mar y Sol) but we are happy to suggest more economical rooms that we know to be clean and secure. There are single, double, triple and even self-catering family apartments available. A “double” room generally means 2 beds - A room with 1 double / queen or king bed is referred to as “matrimonial”.

Season - High season for fishing is December through May but we also offer discounted prices in high season, depending on the overall package. Some cruises have significantly higher prices in their high season (which varies by operator) and some hotels charge a supplement over Christmas and New Year.

To give you some idea of the potential cost of a fishing vacation we have provided a couple of sample packages. These packages are based on best accommodation:

  • In Guayaquil - The 5-star Oro Verde Hotel
  • In San Cristobal - The Galeodan Penthouse Suite (3 max) or Casa Iguana Mar y Sol
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Casa Iguana - Exterior 08

The Galeodan Penthouse Suite

Casa Iguana Mar y Sol

Prices for 2016

As a result of new regulations and regional government policy, the cost of fuel for Vivencial Fishing boats has doubled. In addition, we are obliged to provide a Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide on every trip.

The upside is that we now have exclusive access to several Sitios de Descanco (rest sites) within the Park, on San Cristobal and Santa Fe.

 Standard All-inclusive Package Prices - $ per Person


1 Angler

2 Anglers

3 Anglers

4 Anglers

3 Days Fishing





    Single Accommodation





    Double Accommodation





4 Days Fishing





    Single Accommodation





    Double Accommodation





Prices updated June 16, 2016
For a current or tailored quote - Email us at: Info@Galeodan.com


  • Reception, hotel & airport transfers
  • 5- star hotel in Guayaquil
  • Flights to & from San Cristobal
  • 1st Class accommodation in San Cristobal
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch on-board.
  • Fishing with Tackle, Bait, Snacks, Lunch & Refreshments.
  • Land Transport
  • Interpretation & Guide services.


  • International flights
  • Airport Taxes
  • Galapagos Park Entrance Fee ($100)
  • Transit Control Card ($20.00)
  • Lunch on land.
  • Evening Meals (there are several good restaurants to choose from for dinner)
  • Gratuities & Tips for Crew, Guides, etc.
  • Financial transaction fees (see Payment Terms - below)
  • Naturalist Guide - Required for optional visits to PAV Rest-Sites( $150 - see below)
  • Fuel Surcharge for fishing the bank at “Ochento y Ocho” ($200 - See below)

Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide:

Landings at the exclusive PAV rest-sites, which are in protected zones, must be accompanied by a licensed Naturalist Guide.  Guides are in short supply, so this option may not be available at short notice.

Fishing the Marlin Banks at “Ochenta y Ocho”

These banks are 70 nm from port (actually outside the Marine Reserve) and require at least $200 additional fuel.

When planning your vacation, bear in mind these key factors that affect everyone:

  • You will then pay $100 to get into the Park (payable on arrival).
  • You will need to obtain Transit Control Cards prior to departure to Galapagos. We will provide guidance.
  • Galapagos flights leave in the morning and return in the afternoon/evening. So unless you have a particularly early arrival or late departure, you will probably need a hotel in Quito or Guayaquil.

Published prices and payment terms (see below) may be changed without prior notice. Prices and terms will be fixed at the time of booking.

Payment Terms:


A deposit of 50% of the total package price is required at the time of booking, to secure the fishing dates and flights to Galapagos. The balance is payable 60 days before the start of the tour.


We accept payment by direct deposit, wire-transfer or PayPal. Like many of our colleagues, we do not use Visa as it is more trouble/expense than it is worth here.

When paying by wire-transfer, please ensure that you cover the transfer fee. Payments by PayPal are subject to a 5% charge to cover processing and costs, over and above the transfer fee, charged by the financial institutions.

If required, we will provide our banking details in a separate message.

Cancellation Policy:


Deposits are not 100% refundable. Cancellation of the trip, for whatever reason, will result in forfeiture of some, or even all of the payment, depending on the timing of cancellation.


It is in the nature of our business, particularly since it involves Vivencial Fishing, that most bookings are made well in advance of the start of the vacation. Likewise, hotel bookings and flights have to be secured well in advance and are subject to non-refundable costs.


Every Galeodan vacation is custom-built to suit you. Cancellation costs may vary, depending on the airline, type of accommodation and third party components of the final itinerary. We will verify the cancellation terms in the process of building your own specific package.


3rd Party Components - If you are purchasing a mixed package which includes, for example, a cruise around the islands, we will separate that from the overall package with respect to payment and cancellation terms.


For peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you to take out Travel Insurance.

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