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Dive & Snorkel

Galapagos offers many great opportunities for diving and snorkelling - You can:

  • Snorkel from shore, a walk or taxi-ride from your room
  • Snorkel from a Vivencial Fishing or Daily Tour boat
  • Dive from certain Daily Tour boats
  • Take a live-aboard Dive Cruise

For more details of the snorkel and dive opportunities in San Cristobal, visit Dive & Snorkel on Helenavista.com (opens in new window).

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Snorkel Locally


Wherever you stay, you will find snorkelling opportunities just a walk or taxi ride away. The most popular are.

In San Cristobal:

  • Loberia
  • Darwin Bay

In Santa Cruz:

  • Las Griettas

In Isabela:

  • Concha y Perla

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Day-Tour Snorkelling & Diving


Daily Tour and Vivencial Fishing boats include snorkelling, and in some cases diving, in their itineraries to visit sites in the Marine Reserve.

The same boat may carry a mix of divers and snorkellers. The sites are listed in our Sightseeing page.

The sites more favured for diving are indicated on the map opposite.

The Santa Cruz boats leave from Puerto Ayora or the Ithibica Canal at Baltra.


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Dive Cruises

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The liveaboard dive cruises can reach places no-one else can - Especially the far north islands of Darwin and Wolf which are 200km north of Puerto Ayora and offer some of the best diving on the planet.

Kicker Rock is one of the best sites in Galapagos and for that reason most liveaboard dive boats used to be based here. But to limit traffic it is now off-limits to big boats and is the exclusive domain of the Daily Tour and Vivencial Fishing boats.

Now the dive boats are split between Santa Cruz and San Cristobal and concentrate on the central and northern sites.

So if you don’t want to miss out, we suggest you stay a couple of days with us and take in Kicker Rock before or after your cruise.



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Stay With us - in San Cristóbal




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