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“Las Islas Encantadas” - “Enchanted Islands”

That’s the popular refrain of everyone who lives here or promotes the Galapagos to visitors from around the world. And while the Islands do, indeed, have their own special allure, that is not the origin of the description.

Early navigators had extraordinary difficulty finding the islands. They are extremely isolated and a mixture of rapidly changing sea conditions, often poor visibility and vague charts made them almost impossible to find. Some swore they even moved. The description: “Enchanted” was applied in terms of their being bewitched rather than than fascinating.

Of course it’s a lot easier to find the Galapagos now, but some minor mysteries remain such as how to be sure you arrive at the correct island; where you can go once you are here and how to get there...

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Getting to the Galapagos

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Getting Around The Islands

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Where You Can Go - Zones

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Where You Can Stay

A Word to the Self-Directed Traveller

While the Galapagos has enough pitfalls to make it a serious challenge to the self-directed traveller, we recognize that more and more tourists are using the Internet to assemble their own itineraries, complete with flights, activities and accommodation. We wish you all luck and do not want to see anyone’s plans come to grief as it ultimately reflects on us and on the islands.

So if you are assembling your own itinerary, please feel free to browse these pages for general information about the Galapagos Islands: how to get here; how to move between the islands and so on. If you are planning to book your own accommodation directly, the Internet provides a host of specialised sites, including FlipKey, Booking.com, VRBO, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, etc.

NB: If you’re looking for the Penthouse on TripAdvisor, you have to look under Rentals.

Galeodan specializes in custom-built vacations which include fishing, touring, diving, surfing or cruising. To meet our clients’ varying priorities, needs and budgets, we offer a limited range of proven accommodation, including our own Galeodan Penthouse Suite. But we do not aspire to be a general accommodation service to travellers that are putting together their own itinerary and are just looking for a recommendation so that they can call and book directly.

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